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Put down the home remedies that promise to remove your open pores, because what you really need is our pore minimising serum, Accelerate+.

skin refining serum

Egg whites, vinegar and sugar are a few of the home remedies that promise to shrink away your open pores, but these ingredients, while great for making the perfect pavlova, do nothing for the pores on your face unfortunately.

In addition to clearing the gunk from your pores and strengthening your skin, this innovative skin refining serum plumps your skin, boosts collagen production, fights bacteria, heals inflammation, fades pigmentation and creates a smoother complexion, all while you sleep.

It’s an oil control serum, pore serum and skin smoothing serum all in one convenient pump. It’s even designed to adapt with your skin over the decades as your skin changes, making it the perfect accomplice to combat excess oil, blackheads, breakouts and everything in between!

We all have pores, millions in fact. But why are some pores more obvious than others and how do we get rid of them?

Understanding why something occurs is the first step in treating the result, and may even help you prevent the damage before it happens.


You see in your younger years (ahh remember those days) acne prone areas of skin develop larger “stretched and clogged” pores due to hormones creating an increase in oil and skin production. This is when an oil control serum is incredibly helpful… hello Accelerate+!

IN YOUR 20s & 30s.

Then you finally get through those pubescent years, but the areas that were affected with enlarged pores remain. A facial here and there will help to clear out the pores but they seem to just fill back up again! This is where you need a skin smoothing serum, umm yep, Accelerate+!


Now let’s throw in ageing, yes we all age, and as the collagen and elasticity deteriorate in our skin, our skin becomes lax and our pores start to stretch and go south. They actually start to join together, you can literally play join-the-dot-to-dot. Waah, thanks menopause and hello Accelerate+!

And with skin peptides, pre and probiotics, superfruits, AHAs and 5% salicylic acid (double the amount of other rival skin refining serums), Accelerate+ efficiently exfoliates dull skin, penetrates pores to dissolve away dead skin and debris that may be clogging them and reduces excessive oil production. The result you ask? A smooth, refined complexion without irritation or redness.


  1. Daily use of a high quality acid exfoliant (not a scrub) is the holy grail to a resurfaced, tight texture without irritation.
  2. Prevent premature ageing and sun damage, wear a broad spectrum sunscreen daily. Remember, sagging skin = more obvious enlarged pore size.
  3. Keep your skin clean with daily cleansing, try Immerse and Polished for a deep pore clean.
  4. Always moisturise your skin, even oily skins need hydration. Try our most popular and super light-weight moisturiser Hydrate, we have specifically formulated it to quench thirsty skin without adding oils and pore clogging ingredients.
  5. Introduce a collagen stimulating serum to firm and tone, try Ageless.

When you choose GSD you choose Australian, cruelty free, innovative, clean, anti-inflammatory skincare.

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