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Do I need an Anti-wrinkle serum? To answer that question you need to understand what anti-ageing is, and how a serum is going to achieve that for you.

radiance boost serum

Ageing affects our skin in many ways and what bothers one person, doesn’t necessarily bother another.

It may be wrinkles around the eyes, sagging in the lower face, uneven texture like enlarged pores, pigmented brown spots, or even dry skin. These are all signs of an ageing skin.

To achieve anti-ageing we must replicate young skin, but what exactly is that? We know what young skin looks like from the outside; firm, healthy and smooth, but what do we need to feed our skin to get back our youthful appearance? This is where an anti-ageing serum comes in, but how do you know that just because the bottle promises to give you the appearance of younger skin, that it actually is going to do just that?

You have heard us say it again and again, read the ingredients! And do not worry if you don't know how to read the label (we definitely don't want any more worry lines!).

Because we are going to show you which new generation, nutrient dense and active ingredients to look out for, so that you know whether it’s the anti-wrinkle serum, peptide serum or the collagen serum that your skin needs.


First let’s make sure you have the basics in your age defying arsenal before playing with the new shiny toys, aka peptides. To replicate youthful skin all you need is a vitamin A, a vitamin B, a vitamin C and an AHA serum. But what exactly are these serums doing and why can’t you just use one serum? Well you could, IF ageing only affected one skin structure, but it unfortunately doesn't. 

  1. We need to smooth out and refine our epidermis, that’s the role of Accelerate transforming night serum.
  2. We need to energise our sluggish tired skin cells, that’s Recharge energising B serum.
  3. We need to change and regulate our skin's DNA to reverse the signs of ageing and act younger again, that’s Renew retinal repairing serum.
  4. And we need to suppress pigment and prevent further ageing, that’s Defend strengthening C serum.

So where does Ageless fit into all of this and what is your skin missing out on? Peptides, peptides, peptides! Ageless’ innovative formulation contains 99% peptides, so before you baulk at the $289 price tag, any other serum in the worldwide market that boasts 99% peptides is priced from $400 to $800 a bottle!

This is why we are Australian owned and innovative, so we can deliver the very best cosmeceutical skin care to you, and you do not have to mortgage the house to do so.

So, let’s assume you are already doing the essential skin care products to maintain and achieve your youthful skin goals, but you have reached that stage in life where you want, no need, more help from a skin boosting serum. You may even be considering anti-wrinkle injectables and fillers (or have already been having them) and wondering if there is a needle-free alternative… then Ageless Wrinkle Smoothing Serum is your holy grail.

So let’s deep dive into the innovative, age reversing ingredients of this pick-me-up serum that can read like something from a science book.



You may have seen the latest trend of mixing two, let’s say, “ordinary serums” together to replicate the wrinkle softening effects of b*t*x. There is no need to do that with Ageless.

This one serum packs it all. Plus, we don’t use Argireline, we use Acetyl Octapeptide-3 (SNAP 8) the second-generation of Argireline, which is shown to be more effective at inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters that tense our facial muscles, which in turn relaxes facial tension, and the lines and wrinkles that facial tension causes.

And yes, if you are looking for that TikTok trend, Ageless does contain the other star ingredients Matrixyl Synthe 6 to smooth and repair and hyaluronic acid (HLA), to deeply hydrate and immediately plump out fine lines. Yet again, we have innovated the old and ordinary HLA and included triple weighted HLA molecules so that the hydrating and firming benefits reach all the layers of your skin from the surface fine lines to the deeper set wrinkles. The other benefit to triple weighted HLA is that it feels luxurious on the skin, not at all tacky.

However, this trend only mentions 2 peptides and we have formulated Ageless to contain not 2 or 4 or even 6 peptides, but 11 cutting-edge peptides.

What do peptides actually do and how are they going to give me a younger looking skin?


Skin firmness comes from the deeper layers of your skin, not the surface and young firm skin is what we want! The combination of triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid, Snap-8, ChroNOline™, Tetrapeptide 30, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Collagen Oligopeptides rebuilds the skin's structural support to immediately plump fine lines, inhibit wrinkle formation and maintain a youthful skin volume.


You are probably reading this article because you aren’t worried about ageing and preventing the signs of ageing, but you are already noticing these ageing signs and want to slow down, stop or even reverse them. This is where pure medically engineered, skin identical peptides that regenerate our skin are our miracle workers; Oligopeptide-3, sh Oligopeptide-1, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Collagen Oligopeptides accelerate skin rejuvenation by stimulating and activating age defying cells such as collagen and elasticity to visibly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and improve skin elasticity to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Hello firm and toned skin!


As mentioned, senile skin shows the signs of ageing through dark pigmented lesions, but you won’t find the usual suspects here like vitamin C (we assume you are already using that skin care essential) and you need more. What about biomimetic peptides? Beta-White and Tetrapeptide 30 are advanced lightening, biomimetic peptides that prevent and reduce the appearance of sun damage and pigment changes seen in ageing skins.


Stress leads to the breakdown of our skin and stress also exacerbates and even brings on our skin concerns. But we can successfully mitigate stress in the skin through innovative, anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense formulations. Our anti-inflammatory blend of Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 , Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate and Copper Gluconate, does just that, it accelerates healing by relieving stressed skin. These powerful peptides and minerals reduce inflammation, repair cell damage, and stimulate sluggish skin function and cellular regeneration to deliver a youthful complexion. 

And if you aren't having massive FOMO after reading this article, let us tell you some more insider GSD secrets.

  1. This anti-inflammatory and anti-stress blend also makes Ageless the ultimate serum to apply after non-ablative and semi-ablative skin treatments so that you gain maximum efficacy from your treatments.
  2. If you already have muscle relaxant injections and not a wrinkle in sight, SNAP-8 in Ageless will provide further longevity to your anti-wrinkle injectables for approximately 4-6 weeks!

Let's get started! To rediscover your youth, simply insert Ageless into your current skincare routine, after cleansing morning and night, and enjoy younger looking and feeling skin.



When you choose GSD you choose Australian, cruelty free, innovative, clean, anti-inflammatory skincare.

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