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A new generation, potent pigment control serum that doesn't have vitamin C, vitamin A, kojic or Salicylic Acid in it! Waaat?

pigment control serum

Whether you want glowing skin, healthy skin, younger skin or blemish free skin, there is only 1 serum you need… an anti pigmentation serum. 

Did you know when asked, most people found pigmentation to be more ageing than wrinkles! Hmmm, is that because we develop pigmentation well before the obvious wrinkles start to show?

Either way you need the best serum for pigmentation as it can be tricky to get on top of. This miracle working gem is known by the skin professionals (that’s us) as a tyrosinase inhibitor or TI.


Yes, my friend, GSD’s brightening serum, Fade, is not only a face serum for skin whitening and brightening an uneven skin tone, but it's also amazing at fading away discoloured scarring and those pesky pimples that leave behind a brown mark for months. 

It is suitable for all types of skin, particularly those with concerns of an uneven complexion, sunspots and signs of ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines. It is also safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

And what makes Fade stand out from the rest, is that this new generation serum revolves around anti-inflammatory skin science!

There is no vitamin A or vitamin C or even harsh acids, making it great for anyone that gets dark pigmented marks from irritation, sensitivity or even the sun. Which means it can be used morning and night, so you can double up on your skin brightening defences. 

Did you know that we also use tyrosinase inhibitors as preventative serums? Just like magic they can help all skin types prevent unwanted brown spots and marks from appearing on your skin. I know… I’ll take two of those thanks!!


Some of the other great ingredients to look out for to minimise pigmentation include niacinamide, peptides, acids and of course vitamin A and vitamin C. However, vitamins A and C may not be for everyone or every skin, and we wanted our brightening serum to be able to be used twice daily, by anyone. 

So let us digress for just a second, if you do want vitamin A to Renew your complexion and vitamin C to Defend it, you can find those serums at GSD Skincare too (pssst, simply click on the bold, linked vitamin names just mentioned to find them). 

In addition to the anti-pigment ingredients, we all know and love, that are found in Fade, we have also blended in a potent ingredient called Pine mushroom extract (Tricholoma matsutake or Songyi extract). This bioactive antioxidant not only has immunomodulatory and anti-tumoral powers, but it also has; anti-elastase, anti-collagenase and anti-aging qualities, with the added ability to prevent degradation of the extracellular matrix within your skin, meaning all your skin dreams will come true! And of course, it's a tyrosinase inhibitor!


Many pigment inhibiting and skin brightening products include ingredients that can over exfoliate and therefore irritate your skin. To avoid over-exfoliation and cause skin irritations, we have incorporated Gluconic acid as our exfoliating ingredient in Fade. Gluconic acid is actually a cousin to glycolic acid, but in comparison it draws in moisture and water molecules, which means it actually hydrates while it exfoliates your skin so you get exfoliation without the irritation. Woop! Woop!

You won't find any harsh acids, irritating retinol or ascorbic acid here. Just intelligent ingredients that re-train your skin back to a healthy equilibrium.

But my beauties, all good things take time, the science is there. Cell turnover occurs every 28-40 days for new clear healthy cells to shine through. But if you are impatient, like most, you could always have a few laser facials to expedite the results.

When you choose GSD you choose Australian, cruelty free, innovative, clean, anti-inflammatory skincare.



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