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What actually is a hydrating serum and why do I need one?

hyaluronic acid serum

It's a super light, skin quenching and cell plumping serum made for all skin types and skin conditions. 

A hydrating serum is a lifeline for dry, sensitive, ageing, oily and breakout prone skin types. Why? Because hydration is imperative to truly happy, healthy skin… we all need it, consistently.

I'm dehydrated, do I need a hydrating serum?

Let us take you on a skin journey to a healthier, hydrated and happier skin. 

So what makes the best hydrating serum I hear you ask? Firstly let's break it down to its simplest form, 1. Super skin quenching ingredients that deliver optimal hydration through multiple layers of the skin (not just on the surface, like many do) 2. A serum formulation to deliver these skin quenching ingredients into your skin in a jiffy, for fast, immediate results. 


Hydration, let's debunk some skin hydration myths.

Hydration is a lack of water within your skin (it has nothing to do with oil flow). And drinking water is super important, critical actually, to sustain your life, but does not directly affect the hydration levels in your skin. Hydration is lost in our skin mainly through evaporation on the skin surface and the most effective way to increase hydration levels is through targeted  skincare ingredients that bind and attract water within your skin and that also protect and occlude your skin's delicate surface. A lack of hydration within your skin may even be exasperating or even causing your skin woes. But how?

Hydration is literally imperative to healthy functioning skin, and true hydration is the lifeline your skin needs to de-stress, heal and support dry, sensitive, ageing, oily and breakout-prone skin types.


Stressed skin, can't deal.

You see, our skin cells struggle to function in an arid environment. When your skin is dehydrated, it's stressed and it cannot heal itself, leading to some and maybe even all of the following symptoms. dry, cracked, wrinkled, sensitive, breakouts, congestion and even excess oil. 

Oh what a mess, but hydration is easily and rapidly fixed. This means your wrinkles will be instantly plumped smooth, dryness nourished, sensitivity soothed, breakouts and congestion  diminished and excess oil a thing of the past.

And the best part… a well hydrated skin is able to uptake active ingredients easier. So when Hydrate is applied immediately before your serums, your serums are supercharged.


Not your ordinary hyaluronic acid serum.

A serum in our GSD eyes is about the function (not the feel) of a product. Any skincare product that is active enough to penetrate your skin cell walls and create real change, is a serum. A cosmeceutical serum in fact. And as HYDRATE is formulated to deeply penetrate your skin's layers and bind and attract new water within it, you'll understand why Hydrate is so fluid and not as viscous as a traditional serum. 

So what ingredients impart hydration to our delicate skin cells? With our GSD HYDRATE serum, we tackle hydration on 2 fronts, or more correctly 2 levels, of active ingredients that either penetrate or protect. 


The best hyaluronic acid serum formulated to deeply penetrate. 

Triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA and Vitamin B are hero's that penetrate to the deeper layers binding and increasing hydration deep down. 


And formulated to protect.

Jojoba, Macadamia Seed, Squalene, Phytosterols and Vitamin E in combination mimic a healthy 22 year old skin (wouldn't that be nice) by providing a stress free, restored and protected skin barrier. As a quick side note, while we are talking about ageing skin, the powerhouse ingredient snap8 is also found in HYDRATE. It actually slows muscle movements that cause facial lines and wrinkles… it’s your at-home b*t*x-in-a-bottle. I know, you want to buy 2 now don't you! 

 And as we know now, that stressed and dehydrated skin becomes rapidly depleted which affects healing, so we have also added in our multi mineral blend (Magnesium, Zinc and Copper) to heal, repair and enhance skin performance. And our protective blend (full of antioxidants) to calm and protect skin from further damage.

The great thing about this hydrating serum is that it hydrates without the heavy, greasy or oily texture many hydrators have, making it also perfect for anyone with oily, congested or breakout-prone skin. You’ll be able to enjoy everyday with a shine-free finish and smooth, hydrated skin that is actually healing and healthy from using your skincare instead of being congested or even worse irritated from harsh products.       

A healthy hydrated skin does require ongoing maintenance, so keep using HYDRATE even when you are hydrated. 

 Oh and did we mention the smell, cucumber, Vanilla and chamomile… refreshing and nurturing at the same time!



When you choose GSD you choose Australian, cruelty free, innovative, clean, anti-inflammatory skincare.

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