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With all the marketing hype out there, we know how very confusing it can get when trying to choose the right skincare for your skin type and skin goals. So what is it you need to look out for when choosing skincare? 

Ok, so I know we are going to be a bit bias as all GSD products are cosmeceuticals skin care, however we have used and worked with many different types of formulations over the years and yet we have only ever found that cosmeceutical formulations (when used and prescribed correctly) work in a way that really changes the skin in the short and long term. On the other hand we found that other types of formulations including cosmetics, spa/ natural, OTC and prescription (to name a few) seems to either:
• Create a ‘band-aid’ effect, meaning the skin is only happy or feels healthy when the product is on and as soon as the product comes off the skin feels dry and irritated again,  for example.   
• Other products just go too far by only taking from the skin without feeding and giving back to it, this in turn results in stripping the bad and good oils out of the skin. Although the user initially feels their skin is clearing and looking better, these types of products will always leave the skin feeling stripped, irritated and much worse off. 
• Some simply look, smell and feel luxurious, but unfortunately don’t get the job done (not even close) and the lovely smell in them can often cause skin reactions.
• The last type of commonly used products are those that contain ingredients that are non-irritating and generally marketed for sensitive skin types as their formulation includes no active ingredients. These product types are ok to use on the skin, however they will not change the skin and teach it to function optimally either.

If you’ve ever felt like you have had any of the above results from using skincare chances are, you haven’t used a cosmeceutical. 
A Cosmeceutical is a type of product that is first and foremost formulated in a way that creates real biological changes within the skin. They do this by having a formulation to effectively ensure active skin care ingredients not only penetrate through the epidermal layers of the skin, but down to the dermal layers where all the magic happens. The other advantage that cosmeceuticals have to other types of skincare products is that their ingredients are formulated in a way that the cells happily receive them, meaning less irritation, inflammation and reactions. Woo Hoo!

Did you know that not all skincare ingredients like each other? I know, not really what you would think would be an issue… but it is. Many of our favourite active ingredients found in skin care Australia wide actually aren’t friends (like niacinamide and Vitamin C), and shouldn’t be formulated together as they will simply stop each other from working at all (yep, total waste). Now believe it or not there are many products out there that seem to be an amazing product at first glance, but if you’ve ever wondered why your miracle cream doesn’t seem to be working, the answer may be in the ingredient formulation.

This is why GSD only creates cosmeceutical formulations with ingredients that bring out the best in each other, and in turn bring out the best in your skin (instead of a chemical reaction).

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