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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us and we'll get in touch within 24 hours.


Most 30ml serums when used once daily will last 2-3 months, 50ml moisturisers 3-4 months, and 100ml cleansers 2-3months. The Reset introductory kit is designed to last 4-6 weeks.

Absolutely! We reccomend starting with the Reset Introductory Kit to kick-start their new skincare ritual, you can also add in Polished our exfoliating power cleanser if they are a little more on the oily side.

Great news! Almost all of our products are pregnancy safe. We do not however recommend using the products Accelerate and Polished if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Yes, absolutely. Men need anti-inflammatory skincare to combat ageing, dryness, sensitivity and breakouts too!

Anti-inflammatory ingredients are the key to protecting the skin against inflammation which causes skin conditions such as premature ageing, sun damage, sensitivity, dryness, even acne breakouts. They also help to reverse this damage and restore your skin to its optimal health.

All of our skincare is packaged in airless pump containers to ensure your product doesn't oxidise and easily go off or be a less effective version of itself. Our skincare is created to Australian standards which have a 2 year unopened expiry to them. We recommend once opened, you use your skincare within 6 months.

Yes absolutely! GSD Skincare is designed to protect your skin from sundamage, however you will still need to use a broad spectrum sunscreen throughout the day to ensure your skin is properly protected from the suns harmful rays. We do recommend if you are using Accelerate or Polished in the morning as a part skincare ritual that you ensure you are extra diligent with your sun protection as they are both exfoliating products.

Whilst majority of our skincare products contain ingredients that protect your skin from sundamage they are not sunscreens that block the suns harmful rays. But watch this space as we are currently creating new formulations.

Whilst some of our exfoliating products can have a tingle to them upon, or up to a few minutes after application, if a product really stings your skin it may be be for a few reasons.

1. Dry Skin. When your skin is really dry and stripped of all its natural protective oils some products that soak into the skin quickly can have a stinging effect. If this is the case, simply remove those products from your morning or evening skincare ritual and use only products that feed and support your skin such as moisturisers.

2. Allergy / Sensitivity To An Ingredient. In some cases a product can sting your skin due to a sensitivity or allergy to an ingredient in it. We always recommend reading the full ingredients list on each individual product page before purchasing it to ensure this does not happen to you.

3. Overuse Of Your Exfoliating Products. As with all exfoliating products, its about finding the right balance between that super smooth feeling a great exfoliation can give and getting carried away and over exfoliating. We've all been there and a good sign you've over done it is that your skincare products start to sting upon application. In this case, simply remove the stinging products from your morning or evening skincare ritual and use only products that feed and support your skin such as hydrating serums and moisturisers for 1-2 weeks, when you can then re-introduce your exfoliating products one at a time.

If you know what the ingredients are we always recommend you look at the full ingredient listing of the product your would like to purchase prior to purchasing it. We also recommend that you check any scientific names that may be used for a products ingredient.

If you don't know what the ingredient normally react to is, we recommend contacting us at with details of what products you've reacted to in the past so we can look over their ingredients and come up with an action plan to help you choose your new skincare ritual.

All GSD products are Vegan with the exception of three, which contain honey:

  • Immerse
  • Accelerate
  • Vitality

GSD Skincare are available Australia-wide from our online store. They are also available for purchase at our stockist The Aesthetic Lounge, located in Hampton Beach Victoria.

All GSD Skincare is shipped via express Australia Post.

All GSD Skincare can be used around the eye area, excluding our exfoliating products Accelerate and Polished. We also reccomend if you have sensitive eyes that you patch test using a small amount on a spot in the area prior to using any product in the full eye area.

Whether you’re after the best skincare for sensitive skin, dry, ageing or oily skin, getting the right skincare ritual is a must for strong healthy skin. The most common skincare questions we hear are: Where do I start? And, Why those products?

When you're new to using any skincare products let alone an entirely new skincare routine we know can be daunting. Here are our best skincare tips to get you started with creating a skincare routine:
1. Always ensure a product you want to use suits your skin type first and your skin concern second. Your skin type will either be dry, sensitive, oily or combination. Your skin concern will be things like ageing, breakouts, pore size, fine lines, redness, rosacea, pigmentation and sun damage.
2. Always start with the basics. To us, strengthening and hydrating your skin will set the foundations for a healthy, more resilient complexion, it also ensures that it will be strong enough to tolerate stronger products that contain vitamin A and exfoliate the  products to include in your starter routine will be: a cleanser, vitamin B, vitamin C and acid exfoliator that will suit your skin type. If your skin is dry or sensitive you will also add a moisturiser at this stage.
3. Now that you’ve strengthened your skin let’s get straight into your main skin concern. For ageing concerns you will add Ageless to your routine, pigmentation and skin that tans easily will add fade, sensitivity and redness will add Replenish, and Oily or breakout-prone skin will add Polished. If you have more than one of these skin concerns, simply add in each product recommended for the skin concern. For example if your skin is ageing and pigmented you will add Ageless and Fade to your skincare ritual. If you are Oily and breakout-prone with brown post-pimple marks left on your skin you will add in Polished and Fade. 
4. Once you’ve got your skincare ritual down packed, please remember to always go with how your skin is feeling first and then how it is looking second when doing your skincare ritual each morning and evening. For example if your skin is feeling drier than normal maybe, leave out your exfoliating product that evening and add in a moisturiser, if it's feeling oilier and has more breakouts than normal use your exfoliating cleanser and serum morning and night, if its feeling sensitive then only use gentle, calming products to soothe and replenish it. And if you're unsure what to do, then we would love to hear from you so we can help you achieve good skin days, everyday.

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