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The first step in any great skincare ritual is cleansing. Here’s how to choose the best face cleanser for your individual skin. Let’s break it down and debunk some cleansing myths we hear all the time.

Simple answer, yes. The great thing about cleansing is that it cleans, removes and purifies your skin from anything that it has come into contact with throughout the day and it also removes any excess oils and sweat your skin has produced over the day, making it the most important step in you skincare ritual to detoxify and prepare your skin for products that will feed and protect it. If your skin isn’t well prepared for your serums and moisturisers it simply won't receive and uptake them in the same way, meaning you will not reap all the benefits, not even close. Eek!
Think of cleansing (when correctly done of course, and with the right cleanser/s) as a way to supercharge your skincare ritual as this is quite literally how much of an impact it will have on your routine.

Yes! Believe it or not this is correct. To properly remove all toxins from your skin you need to cleanse twice in the morning and twice in the evening. Your first cleanse removes make-up and left over products  from your skin and the second removes impurities your skin has produced throughout the day or overnight while you are sleeping (your body detoxes itself when you're sleeping, this loveliness is all sitting on your skin when you wake up in the morning). So, if you haven’t been doing this already, no need to panic, just start doing it… your skin will thank you for it.   

I hear it all the time, I’d rather spend the money on a serum or moisturiser because they stay on my skin and I just wash a cleanser off, I’ll just get one from the supermarket or chemist instead.
Sorry boo, no... Any old cleanser will simply not do, if you want a life changing skincare ritual that will literally change your skin for the better, you need to invest in a cosmeceutical cleanser that will correctly clean and prepare your skin, it will set the tone for your entire skincare ritual.

Whether you're looking for the best cleanser for combination skin, oily or breakout-prone skin, a gentle face cleanser for dry skin, ageing or sensitivity, choosing the right cleanser is imperative to ensuring healthy happy skin. So how do you choose what will work best for your skin type and skin concerns? The First step is to know your skin type… Do you have dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin? The second step is to learn about the different types of cleansers available for your skin type. 
Generally speaking all skin types will use a creamy, oil based cleanser as their first cleanse (I know what you oily, breakout-prone skins are thinking…There is no way I’m putting more oil on my slick!  Believe it or not, using a creamy, oil based cleanser will lift and dissolve make-up and oil in your skin better than any other type of cleanser. How? You ask. Oils attract oils, I know mind-blown!!), for dry, sensitive skin types you will use the same creamy, oil based cleanser for your second cleanse For oily, breakout-prone skin types, you will use an exfoliating cleanser for your second cleanse to help deeply clean and detoxify your skin better. If you’ve got a combination skin type like Lana, you’ll simply use an exfoliating cleanser through your T-zone only, each day or every 2nd day (depending on your oiliness), and over your full face 1-2x weekly depending on the dryness and sensitivity of your cheeks.

Well first of all can I just say that both of these cleansers have worked wonders for many GSDo’ers and we are so excited for them to help transform your skincare ritual too! So, let’s get straight to it.
Immerse - This gentle skin cleanser is formulated for all skin types and skin concerns. It’s a milk and oil hybrid cleanser, making it perfect for dry and sensitive skins or as the first cleanse for oily, breakout-prone and combination skin types. It’s jam-packed with 20 potent anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe, calm and rebalance your skin while cleansing away the day. It’s also gentle enough to use over the eyes. 
Polished - Whether you love the effects of enzymes, acids or just a good ol’scrub, these multi-tasking ingredients found in Polished are what make it the ultimate exfoliating power cleanser, weekly exfoliator and detoxifying mask. 
Used as your second cleanse each day for all skin types needing a deeper, more detoxifying cleanse, or as a weekly exfoliating treatment and mask in one, Polished thoroughly removes excess oil and dry, dead skin to give a smooth, polished complexion. 

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