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Did you know that different types of exfoliants not only work in different ways, but they also do different things for the skin? Whilst they all work to exfoliate our skin smooth, speed up our cell turnover and brighten our complexion, they also have specific benefits for individual skin types. 

Salicylic Acid is a type of BHA acid and is well known for its ability to cut through and mop up excess oil and build-up in the skin. It’s an oily, congested, break-out prone skin's best friend as it effortlessly digests, purifies and calms (to name just a few of many benefits) to effectively detoxify and clear the complexion of these sometimes challenging skin types and conditions. But always remember… you CAN have too much of a good thing. Not balancing the exfoliating,  detox Salicylic acid has on the skin with other products to feed and nurture it will always lead to stiripped, dry and very irritated skin. 

AHA Acids work by breaking down the glue that holds together dead, dry and dull skin cells. There are sooo many benefits to using AHA acids, and there are also quite a few different types. So we will just go through our top 2 picks and their main benefits…
Lactic Acid - is a type of AHA acid that needs to be singled out from the other AHA’s as its skin benefits are amazing for dry, dehydrated, ageing and lacklustre skin types. This wonder acid actually strengthens the skin's barrier by stimulating the production of ceramides (protective fats naturally found in the skin). The results? Exfoliation that doesn’t dry or irritate your skin but instead hydrates, smooths fine lines, strengthens the skin, fades pigmentation and sun damage, and massively changes the look and feel of your complexion... Sign me up!!   
Mandelic Acid - this gem is amazing at treating inflamed acne breakouts. It has many of the same benefits of salicylic acid in regards to reducing oil flow, killing bacteria and unclogging the skin's pores, however it works its way into the skin slower, making it non-irritating for even the most sensitive skin types. 

Enzymes are also a form of AHAs however, we wanted to separate them from AHA acids as they are different. Enzymes are a gentler form of chemical exfoliation than acids and do not achieve the same results as acids. However, their ability to gently break down unwanted build-up to smooth the skin means that they can be used on all skin types and skin conditions, some may even say that if you want the best face exfoliator Australia, make sure it includes enzymes in it!

Granular Scrubs have been around forever and one thing is for sure… you will either love or hate using granular scrubs. The instantly clean, smooth, firm complexion that scrubs give the skin make them a fan fav to use pre party or as a weekly ‘pick-me-up’ and whilst many of us  love the effect a great scrub can have on our skin, some of us are just too sensitive to tolerate how much they do push our skin’s barrier. If you have sensitive or very dry skin we always recommend using and exfoliating serum instead.   

The benefits of exfoliating your skin are many, but how much of a difference does it really make?  
Whether you use an exfoliating face wash, a weekly exfoliating scrub, an exfoliating mask or an exfoliating serum the biggest benefit from regularly using an exfoliating skincare product (a correctly formulated one) in your routine is that it will supercharge the rest of your skincare ritual because to put it simply, exfoliating allows your active serums and moisturisers to penetrate into the skin better, making them much more effective than they would otherwise be.  

Not all exfoliating products are formulated with all skins in mind, thus we need to make sure you  choose a product formulated specifically for your skin type.
If you find your skin becoming sensitive from exfoliating it, chances are you either have the wrong type of exfoliating product for your skin or you're using it incorrectly (using it too often is normally the case). When exfoliating your skin it is normal for it to go pink and feel a little tingly (depending on the type of exfoliator you are using), this may even last for up to 15 mins after usage, especially if you have used a scrub. However, it is not normal for this to last longer than 30/60 minutes. If this happens when you exfoliate your skin, stop using the product and get some personalised advice from a professional to help you choose and correctly use the best face exfoliator for your skin type and skin goals.

Yes I know! Scrubbing oilier, congested skin is an amazing detox, however if there are any pesky pimples on your skin you will need to go around them. Going over the pimple will exfoliate the skin, exposing the infection sitting underneath, which will then be moved across the surface of your skin with the scrub, infecting other areas and creating more breakouts! This is one of the many reasons why we created our Polished power exfoliating cleanser, it has granules for a physical, scrubbing exfoliation, and enzymes and acids for a chemical exfoliation that will digest and detox the skin. Meaning if you have a breakout, you can simply dot it on the pimple and leave it there while you exfoliate with the granules around it, and like magic the enzymes and acids will dissolve the oils and bacteria to unclog the pore and clear up the breakout. 
Just not a scrub fan? Try using Accelerate, it's an exfoliating BHA and AHA serum to dissolve excess oil, bacteria and dry skin build-up. Amazingly this exfoliating treatment also hydrates the skin and heals post breakout marks, and fast! You can even use it morning and night as a spot treatment on any pesky pimples that need to be gone asap. With no scrubbing or granules in this serum needed to achieve a clear, smooth complexion.   

Accelerate - containing 23 anti-inflammatories, salicylic, lactic and mandelic acids, and so much more, you can see where this product got its name. It will literally accelerate and supercharge your skincare ritual by gently exfoliating, breaking down toxins, killing bacteria and healing your skin for faster results. Ready to Accelerate? 

Polished - Whether you love the effects of enzymes, acids or just a good ol’scrub, these multi-tasking ingredients found in Polished are what make it the ultimate exfoliating cleanser, weekly exfoliator and detoxifying mask. 

Used as your second cleanse each day for all skin types needing a deeper, more detoxifying cleanse, or as a weekly exfoliating treatment and mask in one, Polished thoroughly removes excess oil and dry, dead skin to give a smooth, polished complexion.  

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