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best moisturiser for dry skin


Choose the right anti inflammatory moisturiser for your skin.

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dry skin moisturiser
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NOURISH restorative moisturiser


REPLENISH hybrid face oil


VITALITY instant hydrator


HYDRATE skin support serum


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Whether you are looking for a moisturiser for sensitive skin, dry, dehydrated,combination or even the best moisturiser for oily skin (yes I said it, even oily skin needs protection too) there is no better product to do this than a moisturiser. 
Our GSD moisturisers come in different weights and textures, making them ideal for all skin types and skin concerns as you will always find a consistency that you and your skin loves.

Hydrate is our extremely light-weight hydrator, it’s not at all a traditional moisturiser. It’s a super hydrating, hyaluronic acid liquid moisturiser…there is literally nothing creamy about it.
It's a super hydrating, healing (and anti inflammatory of course) formulation for all skins needing a good boost in hydration, or for skin’s that simply don’t need any extra oil, but still need the  hydration. As an added bonus we’ve also included snap8 in this formulation which is like b*t*x in a bottle, what! Yes please! It's going to help slow muscle movement and therefore help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles caused by your daily facial expressions, and if you are someone that likes to get anti-wrinkles injectables this super special ingredient also helps to prolong the effects of your injectables. 
Anyway, back to hydration.
If you're unsure how to tell if your skin needs hydration, generally speaking all skins need it…think of how your body would feel if you didn’t drink water daily, this is the same with your skin, and quite often dehydration can be mistaken for dryness. The most common signs your skin is really dehydrated and you need to hydrate asap are:
• Crepey, looking skin that can be seen as little fine lines (often mistaken for ageing)
• Premature ageing, meaning your skin is looking older than it should or would appear younger if it were well hydrated
• Tired, dull looking skin
• It may feel itchy and even a little taught

If you love anti inflammatory skin care as much as us (which I'm sure by now you can’t live without them either!), then you’ll love Vitality. This formulation has our highest anti inflammatory ingredient list (a massive 22!) of all the moisturisers and only two other products in the entire GSD skincare range can boast more anti inflammatories than Vitality.
So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this unique moisturiser. The best way to think of Vitality is as a hybrid between a super silky, light-weight moisturiser, hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin B (niacinamide) serum all mixed together with a whole lot of anti inflammatories (I know its a mouthful!). Vitality is a beautiful day-to-day moisturiser for everyone needing protection from the elements, but also wanting to give their skin an instant pick-me-up, it’s non-creamy consistency makes it great for all skin types, although we do recommend oily skins use Hydrate and dry, sensitive and reactive skins use Replenish. 
And just as a side note: Vitality is a great introductory vitamin B product for sensitive and dry skins to start with before moving up to Recharge which is our high dose vitamin B serum. Meaning you would layer Vitality underneath Replenish in your skincare ritual. 

If you have dry, sensitive or easily irritated skin, then look no further than Replenish. This super special oil in moisturiser formulation not only feels smooth and silky, light-weight yet nourishing, and most importantly non-greasy, quite literally replenishes the skin with the essential nutrients it needs to not only restore your skin’s health, but also teaches it to rehydrate itself. 
Now although this is a moisturiser, it does have quite a unique light and milky consistency upon application, and although it is light-weight and non-greasy it does leave your skin feeling protected and nourished. My favourite thing about using this moisturiser is that once applied it instantly gives dry, dull and tired looking skin this beautiful dewy, healthy glow. Making this the best moisturiser for dry skin or any complexion needing to get its va-va-voom back.

So, in short here is a quick guide for which skin type will use which moisturiser:
Hydrate - All skins needing a daily hydration boost and as a moisturiser for oily skin types.
Vitality - All skin types needing a super hydrating moisturiser that will give great protection without the weight.
Replenish - Dry, inflamed, sensitive and reactive skin types.

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