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Introducing The One Skin Care Kit That Is Proven To Help All Skin Concerns And Skin Types.

skin care set

From acne to redness, to pigment, to dry skin, sensitive skin and even ageing, we have always been told that acne needs anti-acne products and ageing skin needs anti-ageing products and sensitive skin needs gentle formulas and pigmentation needs lightening blends and dry skin needed heavy emollients - I hope you get the point, because I can keep going.

So how is it possible that GSD's skin care set of 4 products suitable for all these skin types and skin conditions? Is it sorcery or is it simply marketing b*s? To explain how one skin care pack can help, no even reverse these wide and varied skin conditions, let me explain inflammation.

We all know what inflammation is…well sort of.

If I ask you to describe inflammation you are probably going to be imagining the worst most visual cases, like swollen, red, hot, angry, irritated and painful skin. And when we talk about inflamed facial skin you may think of Rosacea, eczema or even dermatitis. And you are right, in its most severe forms, these are all signs of inflammation. This is your body telling you, hey I’m not happy, there is something wrong, and you should absolutely pay attention and act. This is when you should book an appointment with your skin expert. 

But what about the silent type of inflammation, stealth inflammation (I literally just coined that phrase - you saw it here first) that goes mostly unnoticed, usually because we brush it off as a bad skin day, a pimple or some other logical reason why it’s happened but never do we consider inflammation to be the culprit.

But stealth inflammation is present in our skin on a daily basis and to successfully treat your skin concerns, this is exactly the inflammation that our anti-inflammatory skincare targets.

It is the catalyst for a lot of unwanted skin concerns like dry skin, acne breakouts, redness, pigment and ageing. Think about that for just a second, low grade inflammation is causing you to age! Yes time is causing you to age too, but stealth inflammation is accelerating and exacerbating this process and all the other unwanted skin concerns that we see. Through anti-inflammatory skincare we go straight to the cause and stop inflammation in its tracks.

Inflammation can be turned on and off like a switch, and when on, it's like a domino effect and quickly gains momentum, causing more inflammation, leading to damaged skin cells and becomes a never ending cycle that makes you feel helpless.

Take breakouts for an example, one day you don’t have any then the next day you do, and once they start they are hard to get rid of. Was it something you ate? Was it that new product? Was it stress? Was it hormones? Any one, or all of these could have caused your skin woes, as inflammation is triggered both externally (like pollution, sun exposure, air quality, weather and environment) and internally (like diet, stress, allergies, medication, overall health) making it very hard to pinpoint what exactly is your trigger.

And it's not just for breakout prone skin...

Think pigmentation, redness and wrinkles, all these skin concerns seem to just show up overnight, are annoyingly persistent and may even feel impossible to treat as there are so many internal and external factors contributing to the cycle of inflammation in your skin.

But there is one constant. Inflammation. By stopping the inflammation and not letting it go into a cascade cycle causing a domino effect of skin problems we can remove the cause of a lot of these unwanted skin concerns. It really is that simple.

Anti-inflammatory skin care is the first step to make your skin goals less frustrating to reach and the gateway to happier skin and good skin days. Did you see what I did there, pun definitely intended. And I am not talking about the skin care products labelled as “for sensitive skin”, there is a massive difference. Sensitive skin care has nothing active in it, whereas GSD’s anti-inflammatory skin care is new generation technology, smart thinking and potent cosmeceutical formulations all saturated in the newest anti-inflammatory ingredients so that the inflammation is immediately alleviated, and the active ingredients can start restructuring your skin and undoing the damage.

So yes, it’s modern-day sorcery.

And we haven’t even told you about each individual product in the Reset Kit… however considering I have already written blogs about each of these 4 innovative products, I'm going to save you time and just leave the below, that is if you wish to know more.

And if you’re not the reading type and more about ‘just gimme the products pronto!’ You will be glad to know we have express shipping, so you’ll have them in a jiffy. So, the only other information you really need to know is that in the GSD Reset Introductory Skin Kit we have included every product that any skin concerns and all skin types need to get started to find your skin's true potential and its base line.

We have included Immerse our corrective cleanser that can be used morning and night, Fade our healing and brightening day serum, Accelerate our transforming night serum and Vitality our instant hydrating B lotion.

And remember less is more with inflammation: less heat when cleansing, less pressure when exfoliating, and less product. Simplify your routine and Reset your skin.  



When you choose GSD you choose Australian, cruelty free, innovative, clean, anti-inflammatory skincare.

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