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An Exfoliating Serum That Is Not An Exfoliating Serum?

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Like the name suggests, it’s going to accelerate your results, but which results will it actually accelerate?

Sit tight, apply some Accelerate transforming night serum to your lovely face and let us explain how this has easily become the best face serum in Australia


As the concept of anti-inflammatory skincare is still quite new, it can be confusing to understand what this exfoliating, but not exfoliating night serum will do for your skin. You’ll try to pigeon-hole it. It's very normal, we like to relate things back to something we know and understand and something we are familiar with. However, GSD Skincare is one of the first skincare brands to utilise new generation, nutrient dense, smart ingredients to create a whole range of products that fight skin inflammation. 

Did you know that inflamm-aging is a thing?! And so is inflammatory pigmentation, and inflammatory facial redness and inflammatory acne etc etc.

Accelerate is not your traditional exfoliating serum, it’s not a vitamin A and it’s not a Vitamin C, so what exactly is Accelerate?

We have told you everything it’s not…so what is Accelerate, who is it for and most importantly what skin concern is it going to solve?


First to understand why this is the only and best night serum for your skin (you’ll love it so much you’ll want to use it as a daily face serum too and we may just let you, but more on that later) you need to understand skin inflammation and how it causes almost ALL of the skin concerns we see today in modern society.

When we think of skin inflammation, we think of sensitive skin and red, swollen and irritated skin, like Eczema, Dermatitis or even Rosacea. And this is correct in a more severe and immediately noticeable sense of the idea.

But did you know daily skin inflammation, if left untreated, leads to pigmentation like brown spots and marks, ageing like wrinkles and saggy skin, congestion, pimples and acne, facial flushing like redness and vessels and scarring like discoloured marks (pink and brown) left after skin trauma.

However, until recently these more common skin concerns were never associated with inflammation, and as varied as these skin concerns are they all have one thing in common…you guessed it, inflammation!


If you know anything about skin and skincare, you’ll know that our skin repairs itself at night, while we sleep and without a doubt, Accelerate is the most healing face serum in Australia.

With multiple blends of anti-inflammatories and a touch of exfoliants, even the most sensitive skins can still use this skin refining and reparative serum. Again, do not try to pigeon-hole this serum with the other types of exfoliating night face serums you have previously used, because you will be confused if you do.

Accelerate is a healing, anti-inflammatory serum designed to heal and repair your skin through a perfectly balanced blend of non-irritating acids that stimulate healthy skin rather than strip it back to a high shine. These exfoliating acids, when combined with anti-bacterial extracts, brightening peptides, pre and probiotics, barrier repair instigators and superfruits, actually accelerate your skin results and transform all skin concerns.


Accelerate has been so well received by GSDo’ers, that a common question we get asked is, can they use it in the morning too? 

Ultimately yes, you can use this serum day and night, it just depends on your skin sensitivity level. For skin types like Lana’s where it’s on the dry and fine side you’ll find Accelerate every other night is the right amount of exfoliation, where more resilient dry skins like Yasmine’s can use it every night and even some days. And thicker, oiler skins that are after a pimple treatment serum or even a spot treatment to fight those pesky breakouts will love using Accelerate every morning and night to prevent clogged pores, reduce red pimples and heal angry marks.


Okay okay, we have listened to your feedback and Lana and I are very excited to announce, you heard it here first, that GSD will be introducing Accelerate+ into its skincare lineup in 2023! All the same new generation, smart anti-inflammatory ingredients that your skin loves in Accelerate but with double the dose of exfoliating acids.



When you choose GSD you choose Australian, cruelty free, innovative, clean, anti-inflammatory skincare.

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