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How To Use The Best Exfoliating Cleanser

skin detox cleanser

So, you want to know a little more about the best exfoliating cleanser you have yet to use?

It’s a skin detox cleanser, oily skin cleanser, pimple cleanser plus, the best exfoliator for your face, all-in-one divine smelling, easy to use multi-functional paste!

In its humble beginnings, way back in the creation phase, we rightly named this product The Perfect Scrub, because people that is exactly what it is - It’s just perfect. Polished is made up of a concentrated paste, that’s not too thick yet not too runny making it the ideal exfoliating power cleanser. However, it’s probably not as thick as you may imagine, after all it’s not shoe polish, it’s a face polish. And now that I have momentarily coined the phrase “face polish”, I think it's gonna stick, because one of (many) ways to use this deep clean facial cleanser, isn’t actually as a cleanser at all! It’s an epic-good face polish, like buffing and shining your shoes (Does anyone actually do that these days, that isn’t required to do so for work?) Anyway, sorry I digress, let’s assume that we all know how to polish our shoes. 

So, you see the name The Perfect Scrub wouldn’t do, as Polished is a multi-functional cosmeceutical (like all GSD products) that is fortified with many different exfoliants to produce the perfect scrub for your skin. It’s arguably our most versatile product. A perfect scrub, for all skin types (almost), involves many factors, so that not any one ingredient is the hero or in this case taking over the show and sensitising your face.

Polished is perfectly balanced, with botanical powders, enzymes, gentle acids and pumice to gently and effectively digest and remove built up skin and oils. Unlike most exfoliants on the market, we have fortified Polished with an anti-inflammatory blend to heal marks, an anti-bacterial blend to calm, clear and prevent congestion and most importantly a hydrating blend to restore. Because when you exfoliate your skin's barrier, you must feed your skin's barrier and our hydrating blend of skin loving oils restores the skin's barrier, without clogging for a silky-smooth finish.

Unlike most exfoliants on the market, we have fortified Polished with an anti-inflammatory blend to heal marks, an anti-bacterial blend to calm, clear and prevent congestion and most importantly a hydrating blend.

Now I know I have totally confused you and it’s something like a tv remote with too many buttons, which button do I press? Do I use Polished daily, weekly, as a cleanser or a face polish? It’s all dependent on your skin type and oil levels. 


If you are on the drier side but more resilient (like Yasmine’s skin) and like to feel polished, then as a weekly exfoliant, it's a gentle physical scrub that will leave you feeling glowing. 


For all you delicate, dry and sensitive skins, you won’t need Polished at all, Accelerate transforming night serum will give you the gentle exfoliation you are after.


If you are oilier or even congested then Polished is perfect as your daily exfoliating power cleanser, (after your first cleanse with Immerse of course) that won’t leave you stripped of oil and with more skin problems in the long run.


For the hard core, resilient, thickened skin types, Polished is your detoxifying mask that you will use like shoe polish, but for your face LOL. And for those that have never polished their shoes with good-ol Nugget, read on, as I will share with you, step-by-step instructions on how to buff and shine your face (not your shoes).

How To Buff And Shine Thickened Skin

  1. Massage Immerse corrective cleanser into your full face and neck, emulsifying with warm water and removing.

  2. Now that your skin is clean, this step is optional, but if you are anything like me, there is no “optional”, I want it all! Massage 2 pumps of Hydrate skin support serum into your face and neck, including your eyes and lips.

  3. Apply 1-2 pumps of Polished exfoliating cleanser evenly to your face and neck, avoiding your eyes and lips. Do not add water. With an even and firm pressure, massage Polished in for 30 seconds and then allow it to sit on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are on the drier side opt for the shorter time frame to begin with.

  4. After 15 minutes (I know I said 5 to 10 minutes, but I know you, you’re gonna leave it on for longer aren’t you, tsk tsk), now that the acids have had their time to soften your boot leather skin, wet your fingers and gently start to massage and re-emulsify Polished, adding more water as needed to get a good slip and consistency. Continue to massage in small tight circles, working it in and scrubbing away those skin concerns, focusing on areas of concern like forehead wrinkles and thickened skin. It’s normal for your face to feel tingly and look a little pink/red.

  5. Now it’s time to thoroughly remove Polished from your face, this is easiest if you are in the shower, but if you haven’t discovered the Must-Have Cleansing Puffs then you really need them in your skincare arsenal. These magical, reusable, super soft cleansing puffs effortlessly remove cleansers, masks and exfoliants with a simple swipe!

  6. Now without a doubt you have just scrubbed your skin red and shined it to perfection, but this has caused inflammation in your skin, and we must counteract it effectively. Apply 1-2 pumps Hydrate skin support serum to your face and neck, don’t forget your eyelids and lips!

  7. Now comes the fun part, not only is every single serum you apply now going to penetrate with superpowers (so make sure it’s an exceptional serum, obviously only GSD will do) but the combination of GSD serums will immediately calm, soothe and heal your skin so you continue to look your best. 
We recommend cocktailing these GSD serum combinations to treat the following skin concerns:
CONGESTION: Accelerate + Recharge
SUN DAMAGE: Defend + Fade

Here is your shopping list so that you too can recreate this Polished routine for good skin days!

Immerse corrective cleanser

Hydrate skin support serum

Polished exfoliating power cleanser

Don't forget to add your GSD serums

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